LAMB 2018

The Official Publication of
Saint Aloysius Knights of
Columbus, Hickory NC

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LAMB is an acronym derived from the Biblical phrase from  Matthew:
“to serve the Least Among My Brethren”.

LAMB Director: Steve Purcell

LAMB activity has been suspended during the Covid-19 outbreak.

2019 August Report

  • Steve Purcell announced the Soccer Kick to be held at the Riddle Center in a couple weeks.  The dates will be forthcoming for those that will be helping.
  • The new Belk Charity Sale will be on August 25.  All proceeds from any tickets that are sold prior to the event will go directly to the LAMB fund.
  • A tootsie roll collection is scheduled for September 14 and 15 at the Walmart on Springs Rd.  Eight volunteers are needed for each day.
  • The current balance on the LAMB account is approximately $4,400 and our goal this year is approximately $11,000.

2019 June Report

  • Steve Purcell announced that the LAMB fund is around $2600 and also that another Belk Charity Sale has been added for some time in August.
  • Steve also expressed to the council the importance of the money raised for LAMB and the various organizations and events that benefit from this money.

2019 May Report:

  • Steve Purcell reported that the recent silent auction at our State Convention brought in $300 to our council.

  • Steve also asked for volunteers to help at the upcoming Soccer Kick at the Conover School on
    May 11.

  • Our LAMB fund is close to $2000 at this point.

2019 April Report:

  •   Doug Gewand, reporting for Steve Purcell, reminded the council of the upcoming Belk Charity Sell on May 5 and has tickets available for Knights to sell.

2019 March Report:

  • Steve Purcell will need volunteers for the upcoming Belk Charity Sale on Saturday
    May 5, especially since this important event takes place the same weekend as our State Convention.

  • The State Convention needs items for its silent auction and Steve has asked all Knights to check with local businesses for donations.   Proceeds from this auction will go to the LAMB Foundation.

2019 February Report:

  • Steve Purcell was pleased to report that an anonymous donor has challenged our council, for every dollar we contribute to the LAMB fund raiser, he will match up to $1000.  Anyone interested in donating should make checks payable to the Lamb Foundation.